ICEM 2020 Conference 6-8 October 2020 about material multiscale molding

  RadiciGroup a partner of CarE-Service focused on recycling the Techno-polymer value chain of the project will take part in the CME 2020 International Conference about material multiscale modeling. Their contribution will be in Session 5 – Sustainability on October 8th (9:00 – 12:30) to present Digimat characterization and comparison of post-industrial and post-consumer recycled […]

A study of the importance of the rare earth recovery components by CENIM-CISIC and Tecno Eco Group

  The increasing number of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles (E&HEVs) supposes that some strategic metals, increase their consumption. Nowadays, the recovery of rare earths is of particular interest due to their use in smart technologies and scarce availability of their resources (i.e., here in the European Union); thus, the recycling of these metals […]

JRC visit to EcarACCU – dismantling EV battery packs

  The objective of the visit was to witness the dismantling of selected battery pack models in order to extract key messages and recommendations in view of reusing and repurposing of EV battery packs. These findings support WP3 (Costumer-driven products re-design for the circular economy) of the CarE-Service project and aim at identifying which parameters […]

Just published the first version of the Position Paper for Standardization and Legislation

  The first version of the Position Paper for Standardization and Legislation for End of Life batteries has been published. This Position Paper includes the results of the activities carried out in the Task 8.4 of CarE-Service project, consisting on the analysis of the limitations and barriers posed by the existing standardization and regulatory framework […]

Virtual CarE-Service 5th General Assembly meeting

June 25th and 26th, 5th General Assembly of CarE-Service held virtually   Within these two full meeting days with project partners, several issues have been discussed and among them, various milestones for the demonstration phase of the project have been targeted accordingly. The business model of Smart Movable Modules and its relation with ICT Platform […]

To Horizon 2020 projects: Coronavirus global response

Coronavirus Global Response: €7.4 billion raised for universal access to vaccines   On 4 May the European Union joined forces with global partners to kick-start the Coronavirus Global Response, a worldwide pledging effort to raise €7.5 billion of funding to rapidly develop and deploy universally available and affordable diagnostics, treatments and vaccines against the coronavirus. The […]

Innovative services and products for the circular economy – insights from Horizon 2020 projects

    Taking the momentum of the European Commission launching the new EU growth strategy, the European Green Deal, over 120 project representatives and policymakers gathered at the Workshop “Innovative services and products for the circular economy” organised by EASME in Brussels. This workshop gathered important insights to feed the current policymaking, days before the […]

workshop on “Innovatuon services and products for Circular Economy”

  As the CarE-Service team, we were honored to attend the workshop on “Innovation services and products for Circular Economy” insights from H2020 projects. Horizon 2020 projects discussed their achievements and challenges in advancing innovative business models (e.g. product-as-a-service, functional sales, take-back schemes, repair, remanufacturing, etc.) for the circular economy in key sectors: electrical and […]

Technical Plastics Association Congress; read more about virtuous recycling and circular economy.

Post-Industrial and post-consumer materials: an experience of virtuous recycling and circular economy. Abstract of the lecture (if applicable) The polymers’ recovering, considered as industrial scraps, today it is a tough commitment to make sustainable the recycling process. For many years, Radici Group, active in the polyamide business, recovers scraps to obtain compounds for “new life” […]

Read more about the International fair for plastic and rubber sector K 2019!

  International fair for plastic and rubber sector K 2019 – The World’s No. I Trade Fair for Plastic and Rubber. On 16 – 23 October 2019, one of the CarE-Service project partners, Radici group has been participating in this event with the aim of showing the latest developments and groundbreaking innovations in the plastics […]