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LOOPS#7 by Veltha: A discussion with CarE-Service and Si-Drive!

LOOPS#7 by Veltha: A discussion with CarE-Service and Si-Drive!   CarE-Service has this opportunity to join the 7th LOOPs event organized by Veltha on 19th of May from 11:30 to 12:30 at ECT. LOOPS will be the opportunity to show what cutting-edge research has been produced, and which changes it can bring to our communities. […]

Announcement on CarE-Service Final Project Events

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CarE-Service Training Event on Techno-polymers on May 14th

  “Polyamides today: from polymerization to recycling”   CarE-Service entered its final phase. In order to share results with interested companies, universities, research centers, innovation intermediaries and policymakers, we offer a calendar of events -from May to November 2021- focused on specific project results. They will transfer concepts and information allowing attendants to have a […]

Virtual CarE-Service 6th General Assembly March 2021

March 1st to 3rd, 6th General Assembly of CarE-Service organized virtually   Through three days of the General Assembly in March 2021, CarE-Service Team had this opportunity to organize the final General Assembly meeting of the project to set the ultimate targets and goals for the remaining months till November 2021. Like the last GA […]

3rd CarE-Service Newsletter on February

2021 means we have entered the last year of our project and we are looking forward to presenting you with the promising results we’re obtaining up to this point. In this edition, you’ll find our proposal for batteries re-design in order to overcome the present criticalities that prevent the re-using and recycling of batteries. We […]

2nd CarE-Service Newsletter on December

  In the second CarE-Service newsletter besides discussing some project progress on technical topics, we also share our position on battery legislation. Reading this newsletter, you will also have the opportunity of learning more about the new mobility services that are being developed in the framework of CarE-Service. As our project is market-oriented, new potential […]

First CarE-Service Exploitation event on 9th December 2020

The first CarE-Service Exploitation event on December 9th, 2020 FCA partner of the project with the collaboration of STIIMA-CNR the coordinator will organize this event and due to the restrictions imposed by Covid the physical event has been declined; thus this event will be held virtually. Partners of the “CarE-Service” EU project, through a dedicated […]

22nd edition of BATTERIES EVENT in Lyon, France organzied by Avicenne

22nd edition of BATTERIES EVENT in Lyon, France organzied by Avicenne The 22nd edition of BATTERIES EVENT took place from 7th to 9th of October 2020. 175 people attended the 3 days on site, 70 speakers (50 % on site and 50 % virtual with live Q&A), 15 Exhibitors. It was the real event dedicated […]

1st CarE-Service Newsletter in October 2020

  The first CarE-Service newsletter issue has complied with all the massive collaboration and communication of the team to be widely accessible and diffuse through social media. Within this issue, the main objectives were to carefully present the various topics and activities that have been investigated since the beginning of the project in a detailed […]

A study of the importance of the rare earth recovery components by CENIM-CISIC and Tecno Eco Group

  The increasing number of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles (E&HEVs) supposes that some strategic metals, increase their consumption. Nowadays, the recovery of rare earths is of particular interest due to their use in smart technologies and scarce availability of their resources (i.e., here in the European Union); thus, the recycling of these metals […]