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E-Mobility and Circular Economy ECME 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

  In this conference with the aim of E-Mobility and Circular Economy our partner, C-ECO had participated. The conference took place in July 1st to 3rd in Tokyo, Japan at the heart of the industrial and scientific communities which are so active in researching and building the new concepts for sustainable mobility and the new […]

Read more about the CEVE 2019 Congress in October 2019

  European Electric Vehicle Congress (CEVE 2019) took place on 23th-24th October (https://congresovehiculoelectrico.com/category/ceve2019/) with the theme “industrial, technological and service revolution at the dawn of a new era in automotive transport and the connected, autonomous and electric vehicle”. The Congress was held in Madrid (Spain) with the participation of personalities from European Commission, and Spanish […]

14th SDEWES Conference on 1st – 6th October in Croatia

14th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES) was held 1st – 6th October, 2019 in the city of Dubrovnik (Croatia) and it has brought together around 570 scientists, researchers, and experts in the field of sustainable development from 55 countries, with more than 500 presentations, 100 posters, 17 special sessions […]

The 4th General Assembly Meeting of CarE-Service in Madrid!

The 4th CarE-Service General Assembly where almost half of this delightful Journey passed over! Last 28th-30th October in Madrid, Spain, took place the 4th General Assembly of CarE-Service Project. The meeting was held in Residencia de Estudiantes (http://www.residencia.csic.es/en/pres/presenta.htm). The Residencia de Estudiantes was founded in Madrid in 1910. It became the first cultural center of […]

Batteries2019 on 22nd – 24th of October in Nice, France

Batteries 2019 took place on 22nd – 24th of October 2019 in Nice, France with the participation of the CarE-Service partners FCA, Envirobat and Avicenne. Accordingly, they have been presented the project with these messages FCA attended BATTERIES EVENT 2019 in Nice for representing CARE-SERVICE project with a dedicated presentation having the title “CARE-SERVICE project as […]

CarE-Service Kick off meeting

The official kick-off meeting of the CarE-Service project was held on 12th, 13th and 14th June 2018. I