The CarE-Service Project is building a community of stakeholders interested in project activities and results. The participation to the activities organized in the Community will not imply any obligation neither payment of fees. If you are willing to join to the Community, compile the format below.

Members of the community will receive the periodic project newsletter and will be invited to the events that will be organized. Three main type of events are planned in 2020/2021:

  • exploitation events, where intermediate and final project results will be presented and showcased in detail;
  • training events, where interested stakeholders will be trained for the future adoption and use of some results in order to appreciate potential benefits;
  • networking and diffusion events to share the knowledge gained in the project and trigger opportunities for future cooperation in the Community.

In some cases, there will be the opportunity for Community members to access and directly test project results in order to give a feedback to developers and to eventually discuss favorable acquisition conditions as first exploiters.

The Community is open to companies, research organizations, universities, associations and citizens interested in all results and areas of activity of the CarE-Service. Please indicate the results/areas in which you are interested in the registration form.





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