Project Public Deliverables:

D1.1 Requirements for innovative services and business models

D1.4 Requirements for generalization of the aproach to EU industry

D1.5 Analytics and specifications of re-use value chain

D2.3_ Risk management and identification of side-effects

D3.1 New approaches for collaborative productive service design

D8.6 Position Paper for Standardization and Legislation

D9.4 Data Policy and management plan_First Version

D9.7 Data Policy and management plan_Second version

Presentations of the first Exploitation Webinar on 9th December 2020:

CarE-Service Project Introduction by FCA

CarE-Service Project Introduction and conclusion by CNR

CarE-Service ICT_Platform market place by C-ECO and PROD

CarE-Service Techno-polymer recycling by RadiciGroup

CarE-Service Metals reuse solutions by Fraunhofer

CarE-Service Battery disassembling, remanufacturing and recycling techniques by ENV

CarE-Service Sharing mobility services by E-VAI

Project Presentations at various Conferences:

Analysis and specifications of re-use value-chains

CarE-Service go mobility-200511083522

CarE-Service Project a new concept on electric vehicle circular economy and battery recycling

CarE-Service uclm

libs review opportunities issue recycling treatments

Methodology and Application of Electric Vehicles Battery pack redesign for Circular Economy

Project introduction general overview and objectives CNR

Requirements for generalization of the approach to EU industry

Requirements for innovative services and business models

Second life strategies for li-ion batteries in the CarE-Service project CNR