22nd edition of BATTERIES EVENT in Lyon, France organzied by Avicenne

The 22nd edition of BATTERIES EVENT took place from 7th to 9th of October 2020. 175 people attended the 3 days on site, 70 speakers (50 % on site and 50 % virtual with live Q&A), 15 Exhibitors. It was the real event dedicated to Batteries in 2020 in Europe!

The Batteries Event covered all aspects of the battery circular economy, beginning from the production of the battery through raw materials, battery manufacturing, battery use and safety, management and applications, going through market trends, research and development, new technologies and finally closing the loop with a focus recycling, second life and regulations.

International battery industry key players such as OEM, battery manufacturers, end-users, experts, researchers and recyclers came together to discuss and exchange on new chemistries, manufacturing process, battery components, battery second life, recycling, producer regulatory obligations in Europe, future expectations and innovations.

In the Covid-19 pandemic situation it was a pleasant time for all the attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, to meet, share, learn, move forward, to become the major players of tomorrow’s strategic industries. On the website, some pictures of the event are provided

For all of those who could not attend the event, in a few days, the pdf files and recordings will be available. Online packages are available here.