Batteries Europe, Raw Materials and Recycling workshop on June 13th and 14th


STIIMA-CNR and Politecnico di Milano hosted the Raw Material and Recycling workshop of Batteries Europe in Italy on June 13 and 14, aiming at linking research to industrial projects on battery recycling. More than 50 companies and research experts, as well as policy makers in the area of Battery Recycling from diverse EU countries, get together in this workshop.

Pioneer battery recycling research and innovation actions will be discussed by universities and research institutes, including CarE-Service activities on E&HEVs’ battery recycling. The battery de-manufacturing plant of STIIMA-CNR will be visited.

Other insights will be discussed around diverse topics, including but not limited to:

  • Mechanical recycling of Li-ion batteries;
  • Critical raw material flows and recycling technologies for spent (Li-ion) batteries;
  • Automotive needs for EV battery recycling;
  • Recycling by Consorzio Remedia Group ELV in the EV world;
  • From primary to battery raw materials;
  • Future lithium raw materials;
  • Approach to an integrated battery value chain in Europe;
  • Battery raw material potential;
  • Sustainable sourcing of metals