Get to know CarE-Service at BatteriesEvents, the world’s most attractive event on batteries’ trends, technologies, applications and value chains


It is our great pleasure to have Avicenne Energy in CarE-Service consortium, organizing the Batteries Event (https://www.batteriesevent.com/) every year.  Since 1999, for 20 years, the Batteries Event has remained one of the World’s most attractive event on the trend of batteries and the meeting place for technologies (lead-acid, NiMH, Li-ion, Post Li-ion), applications (from micro batteries to large format batteries) and the value chain (raw material suppliers, components manufacturers, OEMs, end-users, recyclers, investors).

In the Batteries Event 2018, interesting topics had been discussed:

  • Research and development on batteries for a decade including CarE-Service.
  • Introducing new sustainable products and their market potential
  • Improvement path for diverse applications of EoL treatment of batteries
  • Business and market challenges for 2nd life batteries

Do you want to get to know CarE-Service exploitation paths or join our “Stakeholders’ Group”, join us in Batteries Event 2019 on 22nd – 24th of October 2019 in Nice, France.