CarE-Service goes beyond Europe – Circular Economy is a global matter!


The coordinator of CarE-Service, as the project representative, expanded the European boundaries of the project to a global view, in the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) 2018, in Tokyo, Japan -as one of the pioneer nations in circular economy paradigm, and private-public relations – https://www.sitra.fi/en/projects/world-circular-economy-forum-2018/#wcef2018.

The global practices and value chains for the circular economy, shared mobility, the best ways for seizing circularities’ new opportunities for businesses were discussed according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Conclusions were derived as:

The world lacks a shared vision of the circular economy and there is an urgent need for stronger leadership and cooperation globally!

In WCEF 2019, CarE-Service were present with the first-year results of the project, on 3rd-5th June in Helsinki-Finland, with more than 2200 world’s top business leaders, policymakers, researchers and innovators. The WCEF community aims at moving the circular economy into the next era and transform “the best-kept secret” into global impact. Key messages were drawn as:

Europe shows global leadership on the circular economy by ensuring cross-cutting and top-level importance in governance and financial resourcing in the European Commission.

“The full transition to the circular economy will require large-scale investments, especially in the developing regions around the world,” said Mikko Kosonen, President of Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.