Batteries 2019 took place on 22nd – 24th of October 2019 in Nice, France with the participation of the CarE-Service partners FCA, Envirobat and Avicenne. Accordingly, they have been presented the project with these messages

FCA attended BATTERIES EVENT 2019 in Nice for representing CARE-SERVICE project with a dedicated presentation having the title “CARE-SERVICE project as an example of circular business models on the horizon: some intermediate results”. It was an opportunity to show to various participants from Europe, Asia and America the main aim of this project, which is addressed to evaluate Circular Business Models in the new field of electric and hybrid vehicles where it will be possible to find and generate actual benefits working on the reuse and recycling of technologies and services.

Envirobat España was presenting the CarE Service project during the BatteriesEvent 2019 in Nice. The presentation was on 23rd Wednesday during the Plenary Session: Going Green: Recycling, End of Life and Circular Economy.

Juan M. Pérez was in charge of giving the presentation “New approaches for Reusing and Recycling on EV and HEV batteries based on upcoming Circular Economy Business Models” in which the project goals and some interesting results were disseminated. In particular, those results coming from the new innovative Business Models and the approach to the SMMs. The presentation was well received and especially the second use (reusing of Li-ion batteries) caught the attention of the attendants to the conference

The preliminary Exploitable Results illustrated attracted the attention of the large audience of participants, especially among some representatives promoting industrial development in Canada, also because the nascent lithium battery recycling industry sees Canadian companies among the leading technological players.