CarE-Service at ESM Vanguard mid-term event in Milan

“De and Remanufacturing”, “Smart and Adaptive” and “Digital and Virtual” demo-cases from ESM Vanguard pilot met on the 29th of June in Milan to present their progresses and the next steps envisioned for the remaining semester of 2018.
More than 60 people from 14 EU Regions attended the events which had the specific objectives of:

  • Increase awareness about the partnership in view of extension to new Regions, informing them about rules and mechanism to be integrated
  • Obtain feedback and revise existing use-cases.
  • Identify potential future use-cases.
  • Promote match-making between Lombardy Region stakeholders and the participating regional representatives

In the morning session, Marcello Colledani, coordinator of “De- and Remanufacturing” demo-case, introduced the status of the partnership with the support of other regional representatives from Tampere, Norte, South Netherlands and East Netherlands.

CarE-Service was presented during the meeting by Giacomo Copani from CNR highlighting the main objectives and concept behind the project. Moreover, other EU projects (FiberEUse – GREENOMED – SCREEN), developed within the De-and Remanufacturing partnership, were presented with the intent of demonstrating the impacts and results generated by the community in these years while working on the improvement of their concept and business model.
To further support the discussion with concrete application, three local companies (Rivierasca, Italtel and Radici Group) actively participating in AFIL Working Group presented their approach toward Circular Economy.
In the afternoon, after an introduction on ongoing EU initiatives dedicated to Digitalisation of industry, provided by Sergio Gusmeroli, the other coordinators Fabiana Pirola and Coen De Graaf, presented the progresses of their demo-cases and regional use-cases. The final session was dedicated to the industrial presentations from Consorzio Intellimech and TXT focused namely on Data Analytics and Virtual/Augmented Reality.

The event was opened by Valentina Pinna, Lombardy Region delegate in Brussels, involved in the Vanguard Initiative activities, who reported important news discussed during the Vanguard High-level Directors’ meeting.