Happy 1st year anniversary of CarE-Service on the third Project Meeting, Stay tune for our primary public results


After the Kick off meeting of the CarE-Service in June 2018 in Milan, now at the 3rd project meeting of CarE-Service in Linkoping-Sweden, we are celebrating our 1st  year accomplishments and getting our hands dirty on the first round of demonstrations and exploitations for the following years of the project!

Throughout the three continues days of the meeting, we have analyzed the result and the future investigation of ICT platform and Logistics in order to better connect the disassembling and testing the module parts. Also, the efficient functioning of processes and technologies by Smart Movable Modules for dismantling the parts has been discussed. On the other hand, also the importance and potential of product redesign from the technological point of view have been recovered.

The second and last days of the meeting the future obstacles of technical investigations on Re-using Value Chains (Battery, Metal, and Techno-Polymer) and the relevant Business Models of three chains discussed. In particular, the Circular Economy Business Model elements and possible opportunities considered for B2B and B2C services with considering the risk management and identification of the side effects.