The first version of the Position Paper for Standardization and Legislation for End of Life batteries has been published. This Position Paper includes the results of the activities carried out in the Task 8.4 of CarE-Service project, consisting on the analysis of the limitations and barriers posed by the existing standardization and regulatory framework for the End of Life Batteries, and having impacts on the second-use applications and recycling.

Two main frameworks were analysed in order to propose actions to remove these limits and barriers with the clear indications of associated potential benefits.

Concerning the Legal and Administrative Framework we identified two main issues limiting the second-life options for batteries; they are the lack of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) transferability and the impossibility to apply the End Of Waste (EOW) Regulation for End Of Life batteries.

Concerning the Technical Framework, several aspects have been analysed, such as: the safety issues related to the transportation, storage and handling; the need of a standardized approach during the design phase; and also, the need of requirements for the improvement of the recycling efficiency.

This Position Paper is a living and dynamic document due to the upcoming Battery Directive revision. Thus, it is potentially upgradeable up to the end of the CarE-Service project, on May 2021.

Read the paper in the documents section and through the link provided below: