“Environmental sustainability at Radici Group: Efforts in post-consumer recycling with two dissemination days for schools and private citizens on 11-12 October 2019″ 


The theme selected from the BergamoScienza association for this year is recycling and environmental sustainability. This represents another opportunity to disseminate the CarE-Service project to the schools and private citizens, focusing on the techno-polymer post-consumer recycling process.

In these two days, many people participated in the Radici’s production plants, visiting the company and the R&D labs. In this context, the current process to produce virgin and post-industrial materials was compared to the trials actuated in the European Project to study the feasibility of the post-consumer recycling process starting from end-of-life components as, for example, wheel covers. The visit started with the company’s presentation and continued through the production plants with a pause of 20 minutes in the R&D labs where the Car-E Service was presented. Here the comparative tensile tests showed to the audience, highlighting the mechanical properties of the post-consumer recycled material, compared to the post-industrial and virgin ones.

The BergamoScienza Association was founded in 2005 thanks to pioneering members and important sponsors as Confindustria BergamoBergamo Chamber of Commerce, UBI Banca, University of BergamoVita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan. This association has concrete goals: create a new means of spreading scientific knowledge that molds minds, especially young ones; spark widespread interest in growing through knowledge; ensure that the method of disseminating information is unbiased and accessible and useful for everyone. Every year many free of charge events are organized in collaboration with industries, institutions, and schools to spread scientific and technological knowledge.