June 25th and 26th, 5th General Assembly of CarE-Service held virtually


Within these two full meeting days with project partners, several issues have been discussed and among them, various milestones for the demonstration phase of the project have been targeted accordingly.

The business model of Smart Movable Modules and its relation with ICT Platform have discussed among the partners and final decisions considering the future ownership structure of the modules and the platform have been depicted.

The demonstration scenarios for each value chain Battery, Metal, and Techno-polymer foreseen concerning the value chain technical development and requirements.

Development of ICT Platform and its integration to each of these value chain and into SMMs realized and configured while an economic assessment of each Circular Business Models for various stakeholders involving in each value chain quantified the impacts.

For Mobility Services and the new business model of carsharing a social impact assessment covering various questions clarified and will be publicly distributed to better qualified the effect of such an innovative business model using remanufactured and recycled products as a final product for the end-users in the society.

A dedicated and constructive plane for Dissemination and Communication of the project by the coordinator and dissemination manager of the project has been initiated in order to have a monthly updating newsletter with the aim of batter distributing the achieved results and future roadmaps of the project. Several Exploitation activities regarding the KER of the project activities and results have planned and will be implemented accordingly, however, the COVID-19 lockdown has been changed several events and exploitable activities within the consortium partners.

In the end, a comprehensive risk and drawback analysis considering the new induced effect by the COVID-19 on the final results of the project with various mitigation plans and updated action plans concluded along the project 25-months duration.

Having this productive and efficient meeting triggered further and collaborative communication like before within the consortium partners on the upcoming months of the project with a concrete and realistic point of investigation.