As the CarE-Service team, we were honored to attend the workshop on “Innovation services and products for Circular Economy” insights from H2020 projects. Horizon 2020 projects discussed their achievements and challenges in advancing innovative business models (e.g. product-as-a-service, functional sales, take-back schemes, repair, remanufacturing, etc.) for the circular economy in key sectors: electrical and electronic equipment, construction, buildings, mobility and energy.

On the first day with two panels of discussion, CarE-Service presented by the coordinator of the project Mr. Giacomo Copani where different curiosity has been raised which relatively covered and opened up an opportunity for better and wider discussion and collaboration among the consortium partners of Innovative Circular Economy business models projects.

The second day was the first mid-term review meeting of the project with quiet interesting and constructor feedback which sought all the partners to collaboratively continue and develop ongoing tasks during the second midterm of the project.