Project Concept

The CarE-Service project will design innovative mobility services based on E&HE vehicles that will be offered by fleet management companies to address mobility needs of different customers’ type. While offering these innovative services, the feet management companies will deal with the management of E&HE vehicles, generating the demand for vehicle maintenance, repair and for End Of Life treatment.

Thanks to the CarE-Service Platform, the fleet management companies will be able to select the maintenance/repair shop or dismantlers in case maintenance, repair and for End Of Life treatment will needed.

Once the selected maintenance /repair shop or dismantler receives the vehicles, the CarE-Service Platform will be used to select and order components to be substitute into the vehicle as well as to book the service offered by the Smart Mobile Modules (SMMs).

The first SMM will perform disassembly of high value-added parts (battery, techno polymer and metal parts) exploiting the CarE-Service technologies.

Certified reusable, remanufactured and recycled parts can be bought also by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs), that can offer low-cost guaranteed versions of remanufactured cars to fleet management companies.

Recyclers and remanufacturers will buy through the Platform available parts as input to their processes and will perform remanufacturing and recycling operations. They will showcase in the Platform remanufactured and recycled products, that can be bought by maintenance/repair companies or customers in other supply chains.

The second SMM will test the disassembled parts. For reusable parts, the SMM will release certification and guarantee and the parts will be showcased in the Platform for purchase by repair/maintenance shops, or by other customers.
Parts that can not be reused but have the potential to be remanufactured or recycled, will be showcased in the Platform, together with relevant information on characteristics and status.