WP1 sets the requirements of the CarE-Service solutions and the specifications of the demonstrators.
Based on elaborated requirements, WP2 focuses on the design and validation of new services and business models for the offering of new mobility solutions to customers and for the exploitation of new technologies in the reuse industrial chains.

The definition of such business models and services will consider as necessary enablers the core technical developments carried out in WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6.

All developments are tested within their respective WPs and then integrated into a final solution, which is demonstrated and validated in real service and industrial scenarios provided by consortium partners and by members of the project Stakeholders Group (WP7).

WP8 is dedicated to dissemination and exploitation, considering results of all WPs.

Each innovation and demonstration task is constantly supported and supervised within WP9, which addresses the Management activities for the coordination of the different technical, administrative, legal, and financial issues.

The whole WP structure is designed to implement project objectives and reflects a clear bias towards the implementation and the demonstration of project technical innovations into industrial environments (WP7).