Techno-Polymer recycling

In the CarE-Service project, new technologies to recover techno-polymers parts will be developed.

  • dismantling technology to isolate techno-polymers parts greatening its structure and integrity.
  • testing technology to visually inspect the components and detect evident defects.
  • recycling technology in case of micro or macro defects, parts will be recycled by accommodation into newly formulated compounds, with a concentration of at least 30% of reused fractions. A check of compatibility of the component material with the polyamide will be first conducted. If the result will be positive, the component will be cleaned, separated from metal sub-parts and finally grinded. After the introduction of additives and eventual colour, the polymer will be extruded for transformation into new automotive parts (such as dashboard structures, battery supports, etc.), or in components for other sectors (such as office chair supports for the furniture industry, customized design products, etc.)