The main objectives of the CarE-Service project is to establish three new circular European value chains for the re-use, remanufacturing and selective recycling of high added-value parts of E&HEVs (batteries, metal and techno-polymeric components).

To reach this purpose, the project explicitly aims at developing the following necessary enablers:

  • Smart Movable Modules (SMMs) which are containers equipped with robots, machines, tools and ICT systems, that bring dedicated technologies and skilled operators at dismantlers’ site to perform on-site disassembly of post-use E&HEVs and testing/certification of disassembled parts.
  • ICT Platform for the integration of stakeholders of the new re-use value chains and for the matching of demand and offering of reusable, remanufactured and recycled parts in a marketplace.
  • Redesign of E&HEVs products to easily perform disassembling, remanufacturing and recycling processes.
  • New technologies and processes to remanufacture and recycle high added-value disassembled parts:
    – batteries,
    – metal,
    – and techno-polymer components.